Marina Medical Multiple Retractor Rings, Multi-Trac |
Marina Medical Multiple Retractor Rings, Multi-Trac |
Marina Medical Multiple Retractor Rings, Multi-Trac |

Marina Medical Multiple Retractor Rings, Multi-Trac |

Marina Medical SKU: 110-716

Marina Medical Multiple Retractor Rings, Multi-Trac |

Marina Medical SKU: 110-716
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    The Marina Medical Multiple Retractor Set (Marina Multi-Trac) has been designed to provide the flexibility necessary for the operating room. With almost twenty different ring possibilities and hundreds of retractor blade styles to choose from the Multi-Trac is suited for use in many different specialties and can be configured to fit the special needs of almost any patient.

    Shop Our Selection of Rings for the Marina Medical Multi-Trac (Multiple Retractor)
  • Marina Medical 110-716 Oval Ring Small (13.5" X 8.5")
  • Marina Medical 110-716A Round Ring Small (8.5" I.D.)
  • Marina Medical 110-716B Round Ring Medium (10.5" I.D.)
  • Marina Medical 110-716C Round Ring Large (12.5" I.D.)
  • Marina Medical 110-717 Oval Ring Medium (14.5" X 10")
  • Marina Medical 110-718 Oval Ring Large - (18.5" x 12")
  • Marina Medical 110-731 Segmented Ring Medium (19.5 x 10.5)
  • Marina Medical 110-803A Segmented Ring Oval, Large (12"D Oval, 6" Segment)
  • Marina Medical 110-803B Segmented Ring Oval, Medium (10" D Oval, 8" Segment)
  • Marina Medical 110-803C Segmented Ring Oval, Small (8" D Oval, 4" Segment)
  • Marina Medical 110-803D Segmented Ring Round, Large 12"
  • Marina Medical 110-803E Segmented Ring Round, Medium 10"
  • Marina Medical 110-803F Segmented Ring Round, Small 8"
  • Marina Medical 110-803G Straight Segment/Extension 4", (Pair)
  • Marina Medical 110-803H Straight Segment/Extension 6", (Pair)
  • Marina Medical 110-803I Straight Segment/Extension 8", (Pair)
  • Marina Medical 110-861 Jordan-Simpson Segmented Retractor Ring, Slotted
  • Marina Medical 110-917 Vaginal Retractor Ring I.D. 8" X 10.5"
    For over 20 years Marina Medical has been an industry leader in innovative medical devices for cosmetic surgery and Womens Health. Headquartered in South Florida, Marina Medical is on a mission to design, develop, and deliver surgeon-focused solutions. Shop their line of cosmetic surgery and OBGYN instruments online at Endoscopy Superstore.

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